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Anhydrous Sodium carbonate Industrial grade

Product name: Sodium carbonate
CAS RN: 497-19-8;7542-12-3
EINECS No.: 207-838-8;231-420-4
Molecular Formula: Na2CO3
Molecular Weight: 105.99

Physical and chemical properties:

Appearance: Anhydrous Sodium carbonate (pure) is white powder or fine particles.
Melting point: 851°C
Relative Density: 2.532
Solubility: Soluble in water, aqueous solution is strongly alkaline. 35.4 ° C in the solubility, the largest 49.7 g per 100 g water soluble sodium carbonate (0 ° C is 7.0 g, 100 ° C to 45.5 g), slight soluble in anhydrous ethanol, not soluble in propanol.

Uses: basic chemical raw material, widely used in medicine, paper making, metallurgy, glass, textile, dye industry, used as starter culture in food industry